Organization Bylaws

Woman In Business, Inc. 2016 Bylaws

Article I – Name

The name of the Association shall be “Woman In Business, Inc.”

Article II – Purpose

The purpose of “Woman in Business, Inc.” shall be:
(1) To foster the development of women who work and women who intend to enter or return to the work force. This also includes Retirees, Volunteers, and “Domestic Engineers”.
(2) To promote our products, skills and services and encourage their use within the Association.
(3) To support women and provide a network of sharing business experiences, knowledge and ventures.
(4) To advance the interests of business and working women through legislation, communications and Association Membership.
(5) To provide a congenial atmosphere for discussion of issues and
experiences relevant to women.
(6) To sponsor and participate in workshops, seminars, and learning
opportunities of special concern to women.

Article III – Membership

(1) Application for Membership – Membership applications may be submitted at any time to the Membership Chair or Committee.
(2) Dues – Annual dues are payable by May 31. Dues paid in a fiscal year are for that fiscal year. The fiscal year shall begin May 1 and end April 30.
(3) Membership is Active upon payment of annual dues.
(4) Corporate Members – Those organizations that pay annual corporate-rate dues so that their employees may attend any and participate in all “Woman In business, Inc.” functions at Member rates.
(5) Non-payment of Dues – Members will be removed from the “Woman In Business, Inc.” Member List and its Annual Directory if their annual dues are not paid in full by the July monthly meeting. Directory to be available at August monthly meeting.
(6) Guest: Members may bring a guest to Monthly Meetings at the
membership price for 1 meeting.

Article IV – Meetings

(1) The Annual Meeting shall be held the second Wednesday of JUNE.  Officers shall be elected and Committee Reports presented.
(2) Regular Monthly meeting shall be held the second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise announced.
(3) Board Meetings shall be held once per month. The times and dates shall be determined by the Board.
(4) A quorum must exist for a vote to be binding at Board meetings.
A quorum is considered 2/3 of the Board Members. Board Members total 9, so a quorum is 6 voting Board Members.  All Committee Chairs shall have the right to cast 1 vote on all motions at any board of directors meeting that they attend.
(5) Email Voting Policy: From time to time special situations arise when a committee or board action is required between regularly scheduled meetings that require attention. When the Board’s/committee’s position is obvious and discussion is not required, an email vote may be considered an option of polling the BOD. In these limited situations, electronic polling of board or committee members by email is permitted.

Article V – Officers
A. President – Who shall preside over all Meetings, represent
the Association, appoints and oversees committees, and other
duties as appropriate.
B. Vice President – Who shall replace, support, and assist the
President as required.
C. Recording Secretary – Who shall record, type, and distribute agendas and minutes of all Meetings.
D. Corresponding Secretary – Who shall conduct all general correspondence for the Association and keep updated files of all Association activities.
E. Treasurer – Who shall collect, bank, and disperse the
Association’s funds and provide financial reports regarding
the Association at each Board Meeting.

(2) Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in odd numbered years.
(3) Officers shall serve two-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms with the exception of the Treasurer & Recording Secretary.
(4) In the event that no member comes forward at the end of an officer’s term to fill that position, and the outgoing officer is willing to continue in that position, a waiver of term limits will be granted with member’s approval at the annual meeting.
(5) Three unexcused absences from Board Meetings shall be grounds fordismissal.

Article VI – Board of Directors

(1) The Board of Directors of “Woman In Business, Inc.” shall consist of the officers and four Directors.
(2) Directors shall assist the Officers in carrying out the policies and objective of the Association.
(3) Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in even numbered years and shall serve two-year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms.
(4) Three unexcused absences from Board Meetings shall be grounds for dismissal.

Article VII – Committees

(1) The President, with approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a Committee Chairperson annually.
(2) Each Committee Chairperson will be responsible to recruit additional members for their Committee.
(3) Committees will meet monthly or quarterly at the discretion of the Chairperson with approval of the Board of Directors.
(4) Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for submitting a Monthly Report to the Board of Directors at the Monthly Board Meeting. If they are unable to present their report, they must send a member of their Committee or send the report to the President prior to the meeting.

(5) The Committees shall be:
A. Executive Committee: shall consist of the Officers of the
organization and be empowered to act in emergency situations.
B. Audit: a Committee shall be appointed two months prior to the
Annual Meeting (or immediately prior to the end of the current
Treasurer’s term, whichever comes first) to inspect the financial
records of the Association and report the findings to the Board by
July 1st.
C. Publicity: shall write press releases for the Association and
contact local newspapers, radio and television stations with regard
to upcoming events and/or Meetings.
D. Membership: shall maintain an active Member Roster and solicit
new Members.
E. Nominating: shall select Active Members of the Association to
form a Nominating Committee who shall observe the membership
throughout the year in order to provide nominations the following
year and to provide recommendations to the Board for any
vacancies that may arise.
F. Program: shall research and establish a calendar of programs for
the organization’s Monthly Meetings. Shall confirm speakers at
least 1 week before scheduled meeting. Shall introduce the
Speaker at the meeting. Shall be responsible for getting a
biography from the Speaker and sending the information to the
Publicity Committee at least 6 weeks prior to the event.
G. Scholarship: Shall evaluate the criteria established for the Scholarship and make recommendations on any necessary changes to the Board of Directors and shall administer the distribution of this award as well as organize the annual fund raising event that
finances the Woman In Business, Inc. Scholarship.
H. Bylaws: responsible for interpreting questions on existing Bylaws
and making recommendations to amend them as needed.
All Committee Chairs shall have the right to cast 1 vote on all
motions at any board of directors meeting that they attend.

ARTICLE VIII – Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of Members present at the meeting scheduled for this purpose provided notice of the proposed amendment is included in the Monthly Meeting notice sent to each Member at least 30 days prior to the Meeting at which the vote to amend said Bylaws is to take place. Whenever possible, Amendments should be submitted for the Annual Meeting,
but may be submitted for approval at a special meeting if the need for such request would cause the organization to operate in violation of established Bylaws and with the same required notice as for the Annual Meeting.

ARTICLE IX – Dissolution of the Association

In the event of a termination, dissolution or winding up of the Association in any manner or for any reason; its remaining assets, if any, shall be distributed to one or more organizations described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or as amended, supplemented or superseded.


(1) The President shall create agendas for all Meetings and ensure that the Secretary receives all information necessary to keep the “Woman In Business, Inc.” files updated.
(2) The Vice President shall assist the President with Monthly Meetings and Committees.
(3) The President shall distribute the Agenda prior to the BOD Meeting and Recording Secretary shall distribute the Minutes from previous meeting to all Board Members one week prior to the Monthly BOD Meeting.
(4) Any member requesting reimbursement from WIB should have prior approval for the expense from the Board of Directors and must present valid receipts for those reimbursements.
(5) A designated person shall type the monthly Newsletter for distribution to the Membership. A deadline shall be set for receiving information for inclusion in each month’s edition.
(6) Attendance at Board Meetings and Monthly Meetings by Officers and Directors is a necessity. If unable to attend, a replacement should be found to fulfill any duties. The Board of Directors shall determine if a Member’s duties are not being fulfilled and shall review the position if necessary. Three unexcused absences from Board Meetings shall be ground for dismissal of a Board Member.
(7) The Membership Chairperson shall be the official greeter at Monthly Meetings, announce new Members at their first Monthly Meeting, and provide information on new Members to the designated person for profile in the Newsletter.
(8) Members may submit nomination to the Nominating Committee with Permission of the Nominee, two months prior to the Annual Meeting. The Committee will then submit their final report to the Membership one month prior to the Annual Meeting.
(9) The Board of Directors shall determine which topics it would like the Program Chair to research.
(10) Honorary Board Members shall cast no vote, but provide valuable input to the Association. All past Presidents are considered Non-Voting Honorary Board Members.
(11) The president may call upon the Executive Committee for an emergency vote as needed.
(12) Each member should support organization activities.
(13) The Association shall contract the services it needs within the Member Roster whenever possible.
(14) The Secretary will only be allowed to forward requested e-mails to our membership for Woman In Business issues and that request should come from the President. Each member should set up their own e-mail mailing list and forward their own request.

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